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This Has To Be The Stupidest Thing Ever
RE: This Has To Be The Stupidest Thing Ever
(December 3, 2011 at 11:03 am)SophiaGracehttp://www.skiponemeal.org/home' Wrote: A website that tells you to pray and skip a meal because 1 billion people on the planet are hungry.

Yeah,pure humbug.

When I was about 6, my mother told me to eat my crusts because of the starving children in Africa. I told mum she could send the starving children my crusts. Mum smacked me for being a little smart arse, which wasn't. I was simply being practical.

Praying and fasting,kneeling on broken glass,with a sand-paper covered pick handle stuck up your arse, PLUS $5,will get you a very ordinary cup of coffee.

Today I help children in Africa by sending MONEY via a secular charity; I don't trust church-based charities.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Set fire to him and he's warm for life" anon)

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RE: This Has To Be The Stupidest Thing Ever
You've never read Statler's threads?
I am the Infantry. I am my country’s strength in war, her deterrent in peace. I am the heart of the fight… wherever, whenever. I carry America’s faith and honor against her enemies. I am the Queen of Battle. I am what my country expects me to be, the best trained Soldier in the world. In the race for victory, I am swift, determined, and courageous, armed with a fierce will to win. Never will I fail my country’s trust. Always I fight on…through the foe, to the objective, to triumph overall. If necessary, I will fight to my death. By my steadfast courage, I have won more than 200 years of freedom. I yield not to weakness, to hunger, to cowardice, to fatigue, to superior odds, For I am mentally tough, physically strong, and morally straight. I forsake not, my country, my mission, my comrades, my sacred duty. I am relentless. I am always there, now and forever. I AM THE INFANTRY! FOLLOW ME!
RE: This Has To Be The Stupidest Thing Ever
I'd have a bit more respect for them if they took the money they would have spent on that meal and donated it to a worthwhile charity - one that helps people become independent and doesn't waste money on bibles and preachers.
Religion is not the answer-it is the problem. Everything considered, we would be better off without it.~Baubles of Blasphemy~Edwin F. Kagin

"Much better to have the ability to think critically, than the ability to quote scripture. One says you have a functioning mind. The other says you're a parrot." -- The Secular Buddhist
RE: This Has To Be The Stupidest Thing Ever
(December 3, 2011 at 1:45 pm)Loading Please Wait Wrote:
Quote:Skip atleast One meal a week... for a cause...

Oh boy...

Quote:Pray for your loved one...

Or, visit them, talk to them and physically help them with any of their concerns or needs?

Quote:Pray for your marks...

I'm guessing that's grades? If that's so, FUCKING STUDY YOUR ASS OFF... Banging Head On Desk

Quote:Pray for good heath...

Or, exercise, eat right and quit bad habits like smoking etc.

Quote:Pray for harmony....

Or, be nice to people instead of condemning them to hell.

Quote:Pray for the mother earth...

Or, recycle and reuse, and don't waste.

Quote:Pray for the underprivileged ones...

Or, throw a steak at a pile of em and watch em fight, feeding the poor.

Do these people realize that 50% of the food our country produces goes to waste anyway? By not eating, you aren't helping anyone. You're just wasting more food. It seems like that would piss off starving foreigners a lot more than say, actually trying to help them.

What falls away is always, and is near.

Also, I am not pretending to be female, this profile picture is my wonderful girlfriend. XD

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