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What made you become an atheist?
What made you become an atheist?
For me, atheism sits better with me than Christianity ever did. I was constantly trying to fit Christianity into a mold of logic which did not work, and i realized that and gave up. Big Grin

Your turn.
RE: What made you become an atheist?
Because i was born as one.
RE: What made you become an atheist?
I was born as one. Then I was forced into religious propaganda at a young age by my mother. I began to question that religion when I was a teenager and went to more mystical/pagan thinking. Then when 9/11 happened I held my new born son in my arms and thought to myself "Quit lying to yourself, there is no God."
RE: What made you become an atheist?
Yeah, I'm in the same boat as these two. If I ever "became" an atheist it was before I can remember it.
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RE: What made you become an atheist?
(February 8, 2012 at 8:42 am)5thHorseman Wrote: Because i was born as one.

So you never believed in anything religious or supernatural?
RE: What made you become an atheist?
Several reasons, though I'd have to say starting out as a theology major in college was the final nail in the coffin.
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RE: What made you become an atheist?
I read the bible.
"I get angry when believers say that the entire unimaginable hugeness of the universe was made entirely for the human race, and atheists by contrast say that humanity is this infinitesmal eyeblink in the vastness of time and space, and then religious believers accuse atheists of being arrogant."
-Greta Christina, Skepticon IV 2011
RE: What made you become an atheist?
I became an atheist because I view religion and worship as something ridiculous. While I believe omnipotent beings may exist (who knows what's out there?), I am not going to call them gods and I'm certainly not going to worship them. The very thought alone makes me sick Sad
RE: What made you become an atheist?
(February 8, 2012 at 8:42 am)5thHorseman Wrote: Because i was born as one.

What he said.

Born atheist saw no reason to change.

You can fix ignorance, you can't fix stupid.

Tinkety Tonk and down with the Nazis.


RE: What made you become an atheist?

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