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Ex muslims challenge atheists to face Islam
Ex muslims challenge atheists to face Islam
Now that is what i'm talking about Cool Shades
RE: Ex muslims challenge atheists to face Islam
"The west" have never experienced the the full might of an Islamic government, they do not understand, or even believe (sometimes), the things that are done in the name of Islam all around the world. The level of barbarism makes them think that it must be the exception and not the rule, the minority and not the majority. That has never been a valid enough excuse for xtianity, but the fear of being called islamaphobes makes it a valid enough excuse for Islam. There is also the guilt because well, they are responsible for a huge chunk of what is happening in Islamic nations, so to take a stance makes them look hypocritical (and then there's the guilt associated with having colonized unwilling people and wiped out cultures). Then there is also the "western muslims" who are trying their very best to at least appear moderate and most of all, polite. But in truth they are not good representations of what muslims in other parts of the world believe in and do for their religions, I've seen both types and they are very different people. Some think that this is evidence that all the barbarism is caused by socioeconomic factors rather than Islam itself, well, that's a misconception. It's simply because without the backing of the government and everyone around you, it's easier to be reasonable.
RE: Ex muslims challenge atheists to face Islam
Islam is a joke. It will be the death knell of the abrahamic reigions
"The Universe is run by the complex interweaving of three elements: energy, matter, and enlightened self-interest." G'Kar-B5
RE: Ex muslims challenge atheists to face Islam
The West6 must adopt an aggressive foreign policy with the intent of destroying Islam!
RE: Ex muslims challenge atheists to face Islam
Attack them directly and you'll just unify them against you.
Imperial policy is divide and conquer, turn them upon each others throats and they will dissolve into ineffective factionalism.
Quote:I don't understand why you'd come to a discussion forum, and then proceed to reap from visibility any voice that disagrees with you. If you're going to do that, why not just sit in front of a mirror and pat yourself on the back continuously?

Evolution - Adapt or be eaten.
RE: Ex muslims challenge atheists to face Islam
(December 28, 2013 at 7:03 pm)MarxRaptor Wrote: The West6 must adopt an aggressive foreign policy with the intent of destroying Islam!

The old bomb them back to the stone age mentality, eh?

There's only one problem with it.

[Image: a-public-stoning-in-somalia.jpg]

They like the stone age.

You reminded me of the old adage...."Never mud wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it."

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