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How Much Evidence Will It Take You To Believe In God???
RE: How Much Evidence Will It Take You To Believe In God???
(15th November 2016, 13:08)Edward John Wrote:
(15th November 2016, 12:44)robvalue Wrote: Nope, no one knows what happened before the big bang. Our reality may have already existed before it. We don't know.

Don't know =/= Make up whatever you want

If you have to have a story to make yourself feel better, that's up to you. I'm quite comfortable accepting the current limits of our ability to test the origins of our reality.

Well, You tell us that there is "absolutely no evidence of any supernatural intervention" in the universe. Really? How do you know that? Have you examined all evidence in all places? I think not. Since you have not examined all evidences and cannot examine all of them, you cannot logically claim that there is "absolutely no evidence of any supernatural intervention" in the universe. It simply is not logical for you to claim this. Therefore, you are being subjective which is, in this case, nothing more than your opinion.

Minimalist is an HateTheist.

Oh hello again Mr. banned troll person. I'll just address this for fun.

You're right. I can't prove magic isn't real. I haven't spent my whole life exploring all of reality in an attempt to finally convince deluded adults that they are victims of the placebo effect and confirmation bias. I can't take your toys away. I wouldn't anyway, that would be mean.

I don't remember saying that quote you said, but I would say no credible evidence has been presented. A definition of supernatural that is coherent and falsifiable hasn't been put forward either as far as I'm aware. It's usually an equivocation between the actual laws of reality and our models of such.

As I said, I don't know. These three words clearly make some people so uncomfortable that they have to find refuge in silly fairy stories just so they "have an answer".
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