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CATHOLICS, heads up if you were abused by your priest!......
RE: CATHOLICS, heads up if you were abused by your priest!......
(12th January 2017, 14:05)21stCenturyIconoclast Wrote:
(12th January 2017, 00:59)Godschild Wrote: You continue in a blatant effort to show your unwillingness to search for the verses. Name calling want get you anywhere with me, it doesn't bother me nor rattle me nor anger me. It doesn't distract me from my intended purpose, so you might as well get busy and search for those verses.
You're the one who has stated to every Christian and some atheist that you have a far superior knowledge of the Bible, I've given you many days to prove your statements and you are a failure and a fraud. Everyone following this thread sees your incompetence and ignorance of the Bible. You have further stated that you could take every Christian down were biblical knowledge comes into play, yet you have failed in a most splendid crash and burn. Hopefully you will mind that out of control brain of yours and make rational and honest statements from now on.
Again I'm telling you I will not give you the answer to my very easy question, I want have you flaunting around saying you made me give in to you because of ...... The task belongs to you and you alone, if you come up with the right answer I'll say well done, if you give an incorrect answer I'll say good try, I want ridicule you for an incorrect answer. You are now seeing where unwarranted bragging has gotten you and if you continue in the same manner I'm afraid that hole you're digging will get very deep.

Kid I'm still here waiting on you, you are very tiring and trying but I will persever. The book I use is the Bible something you might believe you can defeat but, you want. Many have tried over the many centuries even into the 21st century and the Bible stands as strong today as it ever has. The Bible has met every challenge and come out shinning and people as arrogant as yourself have found mud on their faces, I would offer you a towel to clean off your face but, in conversing with you I'm of the belief your arrogance want allow you to take it. I use no deception in biblical discussions I state simply what the Bible has to say and show the reasoning of what it states when I can.

Me failed! I'm not the one who can't do a little reading to find an answer to a simple question, I believe that honor belongs to you. I'm certain I've made myself look foolish on more than one occasion and no doubt it will happen again, but not in this particular thread and especially in my responses to you. So suck it up get busy reading and bring an answer.


Yahweh's Child, 


ROFLOL            ROFLOL         ROFLOL       


I have them, I'm waiting on the self described biblical scholar to show what he's got which seems little too none, the latter is my choice.

God loves those who believe and those who do not and the same goes for me, you have no choice in this matter. That puts the matter of total free will to rest.

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