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Russian Propaganda Saps, Impurifies Our Precious C-Span
Russian Propaganda Saps, Impurifies Our Precious C-Span
Quote:Everyone was glued to C-SPAN this past week for the riveting wall-to-wall coverage of old (mostly white) people quibbling back and forth for hours. So while Jeff Sessions tried not to sound like a lifelong racist, and Rex Tillerson dodged questions about exploiting every country on the planet for money, Yr Wonket diligently churned out ‘splainerings until we collapsed into pools of (ALLEGED) hooker pee. But while C-SPAN’s coverage of House and Senate proceedings was reminding us all how genuinely boring U.S. politics tends to be, something strange happened.
As Rep. Maxine Waters was on the House floor chiding Republicans for their most recent attempt to gut the Securities Exchange Commission, the C-SPAN livefeed suddenly switched to R.T., the Russian state-owned propaganda channel. This sent the Twitterati into a frenzy, assuming that Vladimir Putin had begun his invasion of America a week early with a bad Polack joke.


The linked story about Jeff Sessions and pron, in that story, btw, totally worth the minutes.
Eat em up beat em up then switch sides.

RE: Russian Propaganda Saps, Impurifies Our Precious C-Span
Almost as good as this.

[Image: Bumper+Sticker+-+Asheville+-+Praise+Dog3.JPG]
RE: Russian Propaganda Saps, Impurifies Our Precious C-Span
There were witnesses?

That would mean someone was watching C-Span.


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