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Current time: 24th June 2017, 23:44

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Why can't Trump supporters admit there is something wrong with him
RE: Why can't Trump supporters admit there is something wrong with him
(21st June 2017, 20:12)Khemikal Wrote: You were willing to be an irrational nitwit, if only you could get that one thing.  That sounds like a fairly accurate description of your trump vote...and in both cases you've been denied.

Are you tired of winning yet?

The proper thing to do if a candidate is unacceptable, is not vote for them.  Wouldn't you agree?  That's what I did.

Try the search function, btw, if you want to know how I feel about people who voted for hillary.  I was giving them copious shit for it the entire election cycle, lol.

That's okay, I gave it right back.  Of course if she tries to run again she will not have my support.  Whether she learned anything in the election or not, I sure did.  She is not electable.  If she had been I'd have been content enough.  I still think it is more important to avoid a loathsome result than to win a slightly better one.  But my notion of what counts as winnable has to change.  That's how you move on from a mistake.
(16th February 2017, 18:16)TheOther JoeFish Wrote: So what you're saying is that I can harass all of the members I want for the next 168 hours, as long as I do so in my signature?
RE: Why can't Trump supporters admit there is something wrong with him
It's not that I don't understand that motivation..just that hillary would have been a different kind of loathsome result.  It helps that I expected trump to be a lame duck - and it hurt that I completely acknowledged how competent hillary was. 

When the problem is greasy politicians, electing the slickest wont solve it.  Wink

Personally, I thought she'd win. It's looking like she might have, in any case, lol. It's gonna take a real thick motherfucker to ever vote for another donald. Thicker, even, than the average rural white voter. Hillary might go down as the candidate who worked the american right up into a frenzy it could never disassociate itself from. I guess it would have been nice to be the president..but that's a hell of a prize for the runner up.
 “I can’t even go to a goddamn potluck without having to thank some space fairy for the broccoli casserole!” -Trae Crowder


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