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Lol the bible is actually ok with pedophilia, proof from passage
RE: Lol the bible is actually ok with pedophilia, proof from passage
(29th July 2017, 00:24)Astreja Wrote:
(28th July 2017, 20:21)Godscreated Wrote: This is God's creation, His plan of salvation and His will, it's that simple.

So much for that "free will" shit.

Pfft, that's the most minor argument against there being any free will. But none of them can comprehend any of those because it's all they know when it comes to making god not look like a fuckass piece of shit, blaming it all on us, like a victim of domestic abuse who still 'loves' their abuser.
Religions were invented to impress and dupe illiterate, superstitious stone-age peasants. So in this modern, enlightened age of information, what's your excuse? Or are you saying with all your advantages, you were still tricked as easily as those early humans?


There is no better way to convey the least amount of information in the greatest amount of words than to try explaining your religious views.

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