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Dawn of War
RE: Dawn of War
Same here! I got the 2nd one refunded.
We do not change our minds. Our minds change us.
RE: Dawn of War
Still playing Ages of Empires II.
RE: Dawn of War

I'll never ever ever stop playing AoE2.

Been my favorite game ever since I was 12 and that's just not gonna change by the looks of things. Nothing else can compete with AoE2.

By the way AoE4 has been announced and it's being develop by Relic.... who developed Dawn of War, funnily enough.
We do not change our minds. Our minds change us.
RE: Dawn of War
AoE 3 blew. Four is better?
RE: Dawn of War
I wouldn't say AoE3 blew. I think that it's still better than most RTS ever made. Namely I think AoE3 is better than any RTS I've ever played besides AoE1, AoE2, AoM, RoN, Starcraft and Warcraft 2.... but other than that I'd say it's better than any other RTS ever made. I'd say Rise of Nations is BARELY better than AoE3, AoM and Warcraft 2 are quite considerably better and Starcraft is MILES better. And Starcraft is about equal with AoE1 for me, actually, gameplay wise.

AoE2 just destroys every other RTS ever made. I'd say Dawn of War 1 is almost as good as AoE3 for me.

There's something just utterly magical about AoE2 but not everyone seems to recognize its magic. Kind of the same with the band Orbital and the first album by B12.

Maybe those people just need my brain cells, lol.
We do not change our minds. Our minds change us.

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