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Damned Muslims
RE: Damned Muslims
So while Catholic priests prefer boys, Muslim Imams seem to prefer girls

Imam, Mohammed Haji Saddique, jailed for 13 years after sexually abusing girls during Koran lessons in mosque in Cardiff, UK

Saddique would touch the girls under their traditional loose-fitting clothing during his lessons, and rub them against his groin and legs.

Another victim said giving evidence went against "the culture and ethos of those who follow the Islamic faith" and she feared there would be consequences for Saddique's conviction.

Of course if this was in Muslim country girls would be stoned to death for adultery.
[Image: y76X8Qwj.jpg]
RE: Damned Muslims
Par for the course....

Quote:Gunmen Kill 7 Hindu Pilgrims in Kashmir Attack

Quote:Gunmen opened fire on a busload of Hindu pilgrims in Kashmir on Monday, killing at least seven people and threatening to ignite tensions in a region already deeply divided between Hindus and Muslims.

Yeah, so muslims are scumbags yada,yada,yada.  But at some point these assholes over there should learn to stay away from shrines and shit because guess what, assholes.  They give away your identity!

RE: Damned Muslims
So what is Islam inspiring people to do lately? Nothing good, as usual. Cutting clits in UK: "The findings show that in the last year there were 9,179 attendances in which FGM was either identified, treatment was given, or a woman with FGM had given birth to a baby girl.
In total, 5,391 attendances were recorded in the system for the first time — 114 of which were girls under the age of 16."

And killing gays in Chechnya, or like they call it "Purging Chechnya of homosexuality"
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