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If there were no atheists?
If there were no atheists?
What life would be if there were no atheists, no agnostics and no skeptics?
Would be the same or different?
RE: If there were no atheists?
(July 20, 2018 at 8:13 am)Graufreud Wrote: What life would be if there were no atheists, no agnostics and no skeptics?
Would be the same or different?

We'd still be living in, at best, the dark ages. Every technological and scientific push forward has been preceeded by a rise in unorthodox thinking, not least of which has been the embracing of the idea that there are no gods.
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RE: If there were no atheists?
Skepticism is important Science requires skepticism to progress. Critical thinking is important.

If you could keep the skeptics without having the agnostics and atheists we might be okay except for less diversity of thought, but skepticism that never leads to agnosticism sounds very kludged.
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RE: If there were no atheists?
Without atheists and agnostics, i could see us functioning at an equavalence to now.

Without skeptics, however... We'd be far behind.
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RE: If there were no atheists?
If there were no skeptics, the world would be totally at the mercy of any fantasy that any person dreamed up. At least we have a chance now.
RE: If there were no atheists?
If there were no atheists, that would probably mean that there is no need to even have that word anymore, since humanity has grown out of the "God" superstition.

I know that's not what you meant though. Acting in a sceptical, scientific fashion is how progress is made. If no one did this, and there were no atheists, I imagine we'd be in a very primitive society ruled by superstition. It's a lot easier being scientific as an irreligious atheist I imagine, because you don't have to "put aside" religious doctrines while you work.
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RE: If there were no atheists?
What if there was no such thing as a hypothetical question ??
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RE: If there were no atheists?
My maths grades would have been better. I mean "Hey, two plus two might be five!"
RE: If there were no atheists?
Look at where Europe was before the enlightenment. Granted we can't say there were absolutely no atheists, but you can look at what countries did when the orthodoxy had complete control. What do you think a country would be like, ruled over by someone trying to emulate a totalitarian deity? It's not hypothetical. It's historical.
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Good video to watch, if you want to know how common the Jesus story really is.

A list of biblical contradictions from the infallible word of Yahweh.

RE: If there were no atheists?
I mean, looking at it one way, if theism were to eventually die out then there wouldn't be any need for the term atheist, so in that sense the world could be pretty neat.
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