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Honestly, I hate the thought of god, zeus and jesus
RE: Honestly, I hate the thought of god, zeus and jesus
Before i even understood the word atheism i clearly remember waking up one morning walking down to the kitchen looking at my mother at seven years old and saying 
"I don't want to go to church anymore"  
My mom always read me children's story's my grandmother gave me a kids bible and i seriously thought it was a fiction that the adults where playing along with until i realized it was 
something everyone actually believed. I don't remember what made me walk down to the kitchen and say that that night but i never went back (when i did it was to hang out with relatives) The idea of god was created as a way to control a population of people a long long time ago and it's interesting to me how that tactic is still working in today's society to continue to convince and manipulate people. The way it effects peoples thinking fascinates me but iv'e always liked psychology however the idea itself is silly and i don't want to call something stupid admitedly i almost did but then a sentence my friend told me came into mind "It's usually ignorance not malice" - Hamlens razor

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