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The Trouble with Islam Today
The Trouble with Islam Today
The Trouble with Islam Today-Irshad Manji

I truly believe that because the general public have become educated with respects to Islam, after all people can read, this religion is on a down word spiral in combination with all of the peripheral violence.associated with the religion of peace. But if you are interested in the atomic bomb of constructive knowledge, reading "The Trouble with Islam Today" by Irshad Manji is a must read. Ms. Manji was a refugee from Uganda,a devote Muslim and openly homosexual. She is considered a top Islamic scholar. I cannot detail every fact from her book, but a few important facts did emerge from the book that is worth mentioning. Did you know that while the Ottoman Empire controlled the areas now known as Israel, Jewish business men purchased large swaths of land from the Ottomans receiving a deed with a proper metes and bounds description? Regretfully undeveloped until some years later. Further, it was not Israel who forced the Palestinians to leave during the 1948 civil war, their neighbouring Arab friends all encouraged them to leave assuring the Palestinians that the civil war would be shortly crushed. The book goes and on with detailed facts debunking Islam and its tenants. This is not a Muslim bashing book, but a well organised book constructively written. A must read!
RE: The Trouble with Islam Today
The problem with Islam is the same problem as all other religions.

You surrender your free thinking to a slew of woo for the promise of a better life after you die.

It rates right up there with "your check is in the mail" and "I won't come in your mouth".

Believe it at your own risk.
RE: The Trouble with Islam Today
The trouble with Islam today is that some of its adherents are under the delusion that I care in any way about this very peculiar Live Ammunition Role-Playing game.
RE: The Trouble with Islam Today
There is absolutely nothing wrong with Islam today that it’s extinction won’t cure.
RE: The Trouble with Islam Today
The main problem with Islam, as distinct from other religions, is that polygamy is allowed and practiced, through the ages, by it's leaders. This leads to those leaders projecting their thoughts/deeds of polygamy onto their wives. Because of internal fertilisation, the thought that their wives could well be "sleeping around" too is unbearable, so they bring about laws which make their wives cheating less likely (eg - FGM, burqas, chastity belts (there's a huge market for them in Saudi Arabia, for those that didn't know), not walking around unaccompanied, not being allowed to drive, not being allowed to leave the country without permission etc etc etc).
RE: The Trouble with Islam Today
Honestly, IDK that hating on the hoors is, in any way, a unique problem to islam. The problem with islam, is the same problem as any other theistic tradition, and even more specifically the same problem as any other abrahamic theistic tradition. It is materially false, and by that false pretense, encourages the worst aspects of human behavior.

That may be hating on the hoors today, but it hasn't always been, and it would be something else tomorrow if they gave that up. "Those who can make you believe absurdities"...and all that jazz.
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