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Damned Mormons
RE: Damned Mormons
(June 14, 2014 at 9:01 pm)Bad Writer Wrote: I'm surprised they hung out with you so often. Most missionaries will move on if they don't find that elusive "golden convert". Yes, this is what they call them behind closed doors.

That's why I liked them. It was actually three, one was constant, his partner got changed about three months after they started coming around. I'm sure they were just killing time waiting for Natasha and hoping to land a solid word on me. It's all good; they weren't assholes to me, and that's all I ask of a person: don't be a dick.

RE: Damned Mormons
(June 14, 2014 at 10:25 pm)Minimalist Wrote: What they need is a golden shower.

[Image: tumblr_lv4avlJYoV1r0yv48o1_500.jpg]

Teenaged X-Files obsession + Bermuda Triangle episode + Self-led school research project = Atheist.
RE: Damned Mormons

Quote:Utah man sentenced to jail for seat-saving assault at a Mormon church

Ah religion! Such happy occasions.

RE: Damned Mormons
Wow. One might think with Joseph Smith's persnickety attention to trifling details running unabated through 185 years of LDS churchery, that they might have worked out pew reservations by now.

RE: Damned Mormons
The bastard actually tried to swerve to hit the other in the parking lot after he had already bloodied his face.
[Image: 10314461_875206779161622_3907189760171701548_n.jpg]
RE: Damned Mormons
If pressed, I would have assumed the LDS hierarchy auctioned off seats and pews to the highest bidder. Or maybe doled the goods ones out to those on time with their pledges or who make quota on the missionary stuff.

Just letting the flock duke it out in the parking lot seems so, um, well, a missed opportunity to make some scratch.
RE: Damned Mormons
Yes, why stop at 10% of their members' incomes?
[Image: 10314461_875206779161622_3907189760171701548_n.jpg]
RE: Damned Mormons
Quote:Just letting the flock duke it out in the parking lot seems so, um,

RE: Damned Mormons

Quote:Armed ‘ninja’ sister-wives caught trying to abduct Utah sex assault victim

Quote:The family believes that the two women intended to abduct and possibly kill the 15-year-old witness. Both attackers are currently behind bars, although police have declined to release their names in the interest of preserving the anonymity of the witness.

“The witness that will be testifying is a juvenile,” said Officer Craig Powell of the West Jordan Police Department to Channel 13. ““We do believe [the home invasion] does involve the testimony that would be given in court next week.”

Two two “ninjas,” the witness’ family said, are in a polygamous relationship with the alleged rapist.

Fucked up.
RE: Damned Mormons
Is this thread still going? I thought it was over a long time ago.

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