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Why are you an atheist?
RE: Why are you an atheist?
Correct, I think the question should be correct for me. Religion is of enormous value for a lot of people and of course to others it means nothing. I was force fed religion as a child, They sent me to Catholic School and I hated every minute of it. If priest and nuns aren't enough to make you an atheist nothing will.
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RE: Why are you an atheist?
Are you an atheist now strawdawg? Welcome back Smile

I'm not even technically sure if atheist is what I am or not due to the intracacies of ill-defined questions. That appears to be a subject of philosophical debate. But it's close enough Tongue
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RE: Why are you an atheist?
why?  I remember, like the third grade, me asking "but he made us?"  after the answer I thought to myself, "they got the characteristics wrong".   So I was a strong atheist from then till I reached my thirties, kinda like krauss.
Then one day I was looking at the P.T. and it hit me.  I little voice told me ... no way, no way!!!!!!!!!!.  Layout what you know and describe it. I had normal religious parents.  So I blame what I see on suck ass parenting and selfish sick people.  Abuse, addiction, and mental illness are the root cause.  I can't get over that we allow these people to have children. I can't believe that us regular folk don't just take this shit back.

now I am anti asshole more than anything else. I don't like people that push others around because they can. I don't give a fuck what they believe.  In person the fancy talking big mouth spitting teeth sounds different then when they are in a forum setting spell checking everybody telling us what to believe in.
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RE: Why are you an atheist?
RE: Why are you an atheist?
The ultimate nerco-post.

I'm an Atheist because I believe it to be the truth. I really have no choice in the matter one way or the other. There are so many little different reasons put together but I don't think anything in the universe points towards there being a God. I can't think of any reason such a being wouldn't be able to be detected and yet would be all powerful.
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RE: Why are you an atheist?
(January 3, 2018 at 1:01 am)CapnAwesome Wrote: The ultimate nerco-post.

Actually my post here is now more necro than yours by 2 hours. So take that!

To answer OP, I'm an atheist because I was raised an atheist, and I wouldn't be able to unthink that kind of sanity even if I were compelled to. Which I'm not in the slightest. I like living in reality, not pretending that things are better than they are or there's an all powerful entity watching out for me and the rest of humanity. No, caring for myself and my future is my task and my task alone; caring for the earth and it's future is the task of humans and humans alone. There's no mystical force that's going to solve our problems for us.
RE: Why are you an atheist?
Was raised non-denominational Christian, and did believe until around 13 years old when upon my 5th re-reading of the Bible that I noticed there were two versions of The Ten Commandments and started questioning why a perfect god would need a second version, wouldn't a perfect being get it right the first time? It was more or less happenstance that I got this thought while reading. It didn't make me atheist there and then, but it got the ball rolling, so to speak. I think I realized I was atheist by the time I was 17 years old.

Also, during those 4 years I had a lot of self-doubt and fear of my eternal soul because I was still in the clutches of the faith, and the thought of an all-seeing peeping tom didn't make it any easier. After those 4 years when I realized I simply didn't believe any of it, it felt like such a burden was lifted off my shoulders, that I was truly free of the fear of hell, and the thought of an all-seeing peeping tom monitoring my thoughts and actions every moment not being there. There is no eternal soul, there's no hell, there's no heaven, when you're dead you're gone for good was quite a sobering realization.
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RE: Why are you an atheist?
I am an atheist because one day I realized there was a god in my heart whose place could only be filled by a god-sized hole. Tongue
RE: Why are you an atheist?
None of the religious girls were putting out.
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RE: Why are you an atheist?
(January 3, 2018 at 12:38 am)Hammy Wrote: UBER NECROED

Awwwwww. . . you beat me to it! Big Grin

Now, to give my long and involved answer to the OP. . .


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