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Current time: 23rd June 2017, 01:08

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All Hail the Second Amendment
RE: All Hail the Second Amendment
I'm still waiting for plausible assertions from the apposing side. I could do some data digging if needed, but some of the numbers are gathered less than equally.

The NRA and Fox News will gather based on crimes and whatever else, which I'm inclined to use and I'm sure you'll shoot down.
The ninnies on the other hand DO gather all fire arm deaths which DO include cops shooting people, depressed people that can't cope with a break up punching holes in their head, etc. that I'd shoot down.

I'm always up for a debate regardless of the numbers though.
RE: All Hail the Second Amendment
The other side of what?  I'm a pretty vocal gun advocate on the boards.  I'm just telling you that if we're on the same side, maybe you ought to work on your arguments?  You know what's going to ensure a ban in this country? Poor arguments in the face of death tolls.

Sama, over there, has been known to put rounds downrange.  Min has a cannon.  Wink
 “I can’t even go to a goddamn potluck without having to thank some space fairy for the broccoli casserole!” -Trae Crowder

RE: All Hail the Second Amendment
"ninnies" Got it.

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