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Dark magic could not veil us from you o Ali.
Dark magic could not veil us from you o Ali.
(25th December 2016, 15:31)Iroscato Wrote: THERE ONCE WAS A MAN FROM BEL AIR

Awesome! Poetry at its finest.
RE: Dark magic could not veil us from you o Ali.
Since Islam got split into so many sects and cults; the same tragedy that took Christianity & Judaism.
It becomes a heritage issue with time; a Sunni is a Sunni just like his father before him; a Shiite is the same; a Jew; a Christian; or perhaps a Muslim?

Bill is the same; too. And half of his sentence was right; too.

But the problem is the context. I don't feel Ali; or his clan; just like I don't feel Bill's nationalistic speech. All I see is a blind following of what the parents of the lecturer had once believed; it becomes even more terrible if the believer is doing it for an earthly interest only.

Logic is not on your side. I'm sorry. But when things stack up weighing heavily; the Shiite faith cracks just like the Sunni faith.
Just believe me. Your face, cloths, the way you speak, the money you have, the things you own, the car you drive, nothing of that defines you; only your actions do, only, that's your worth. Every action can be one of two: good or bad. That is you. Don't allow anybody to fool you into self-hating because of stupid standards, that sidetracks you from the main categories that define you.
RE: Dark magic could not veil us from you o Ali.
Dark magic...he...hehehehehe....hehehehehehehehehehehehehe.   I can't help it, it means something so different where I'm from, lol. I know that you think wizards and witches and shit, Mystic...but all I think is penis.
Eat em up beat em up then switch sides.

Dark magic could not veil us from you o Ali.
This is Ali. I am frightened by it and am leery about having a personal relationship with it.
[Image: 3a754a29dd64da8276842bff1aba569e.jpg]

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