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Current time: 21st August 2017, 15:46

Poll: What should be done about the post edit time limit
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Remove rule altogether
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Remove rule for trustworthy posters
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Accept requests to edit posts
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Do nothing
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Total 9 vote(s) 100%
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Regarding the post edit time limit of absolute Doom
RE: Regarding the post edit time limit of absolute Doom
(11th August 2017, 14:17)pool the matey Wrote:
(11th August 2017, 14:13)Losty Wrote: I think the request was perfectly fine. You made a perfectly acceptable request and it was denied. That's all that happened. Everything else has been your temper tantrum.

Okay now the request is fine? About a minute or two ago my request was apparently offensive?!

Your *behavior* after the request was denied is the issue. You've been told this numerous times by numerous people.

You apparently refuse to accept that answer.
RE: Regarding the post edit time limit of absolute Doom
Administrator Notice

Thread closed pending staff decision.

Moderator Notice

Thread permanently closed. The staff feels to have sufficiently replied and reasoned that the motion is denied.
RE: Regarding the post edit time limit of absolute Doom
(11th August 2017, 14:14)pool the matey Wrote: Don't make this about something else it isn't  Losty. Whatever you're talking about is irrelevant. Nobody would respond "quit your whining bitch" "stfu" "fuck off" if it was one of your dear members. There's clear as sky bias in staff. I mean you guys are just a bunch of friends that picked each other.

Pool, when you made your initial request, the response was just telling you that we don't do that. No one insulted you until you started whining.

I have a 4 year old daughter. She thinks that if she's says please that means I have to give her whatever she wants. Whenever I tell her no about something she will scream "but I said 'please'!" over as if her saying please is some kind of requirement for me to say yes. You remind me of her a lot.
Spring is always false hope
Promises of new life
Spring tells her that she's beautiful
He's insincere and full of lies
RE: Regarding the post edit time limit of absolute Doom
(11th August 2017, 13:37)pool the matey Wrote: ...and I'm supposed to believe this will be their exact same response if someone like say CL made such a request and there's no bias here? I'm just imagining things?

Here's how that conversation would go:

CL: Hey staff, I think it would be a good idea to let people edit their posts past the current 2 hour limit, or even drop the limit completely. What do you think?

Staff: Sorry, we are of the opinion that 2 hours is plenty of time to correct mistakes in your post, and when we allowed people to edit their posts whenever they wanted to in the past, it led to people "blanking" their posts and ultimately disrupting the forum. If you make a mistake and only notice it after 2 hours, we suggest making a new post in the thread with your correction.

CL: OK! Thanks for letting me know, you are all awesome. <insert cat meme> <insert poop emoji>

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