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Current time: 16th October 2017, 19:59

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Star Trek Discovery, your thoughts?
RE: Star Trek Discovery, your thoughts?
(13th October 2017, 10:40)SteelCurtain Wrote: Lol you Star Trek geeks.getting bent out of shape over the title of a YouTube video?

Way to fulfill the stereotypes, Poca. Wink

I try.... I try very hard. Glad to know it's working! Big Grin
RE: Star Trek Discovery, your thoughts?
Angry  I was wondering why my DVR wasn't recording the episodes.  Where I am it's available as a CBS streaming service only.  Pay $6 for one show.  It's $10 if you don't want commercials.  (Killing commercials is what DVR's are FOR, imho.)  Highway robbery.  I won't get to see Discovery for a while.  I'll stick with the Orville.  And Scorpion.
"The family that prays brainwashing their children."- Albert Einstein

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