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Damned Catholics
RE: Damned Catholics
(Yesterday, 12:21)vorlon13 Wrote: Cardinal Sean O'Malley rebukes the pope:



O'Malley's carefully worded critique was remarkable since it's rare for a cardinal to publicly rebuke the pope in such terms. But Francis' remarks were so potentially toxic to the Vatican's yearslong effort to turn the tide on decades of clerical sex abuse and cover-up that he clearly felt he had to respond.
O'Malley headed Francis' much-touted committee for the protection of minors until it lapsed last month after its initial three-year mandate expired. Francis has not named new members, and the committee's future remains unclear.

Meanwhile, in Holy Roman Catholic Ireland, that bastion of the Catholic faith, the church was required to compensate their victims. 

Well, I say required, but they declined to do so and in fact paid lip service to their victims and immediately told them to foxtrot oscar. They repeated it in the US, they are repeating it in south america and they will be repeating it in Africa. In fact, the RCC was instrumental in genocide in Rwanda and tried to cover it up.

ETA: And let us not forget the RCC antipodean fiasco.
RE: Damned Catholics
I guess this is another one of those pro-life catholick assholes!


Quote:Catholic deacon accused of murder by air injection in Belgium

RE: Damned Catholics
that's creepy . . . .

really creepy.
In the 1960s, American parents began looking to mental health professionals for child-rearing advice.  Since then, an exponential per-capita increase in child mental health professionals has matched a dramatic deterioration in child mental health.  No new therapy or drug has stopped this downward trend.

John Rosemond


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