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How far reaching are God's powers?
RE: How far reaching are God's powers?
(November 20, 2020 at 1:40 pm)arewethereyet Wrote: Over 300 posts and still no answer.

Hmmm....sort of makes me think there is no answer.

God's powers are as far reaching as the arms of his followers.
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RE: How far reaching are God's powers?
(October 10, 2020 at 7:46 pm)Fake Messiah Wrote: What is God god of? My guess is that most believers believe that God's powers go over our solar system. So is the God a God of the whole galaxy or just part of the galaxy? Does it go beyond galaxy and God is God of the whole galactic cluster? Or the believers believe that God is in charge of all the galaxies? I mean that is a lot of galaxies, stars, planets, and whatnot.

And if God is God of the whole universe is it just this universe or is he God of all other universes, or each universe has its own God?

Psalm 82 mentions how God has meetings with other gods so we see some division of power, perhaps gods of other galaxies or universes?
When the bible talks about gods, it is referring to believers that enter into heaven and dwell there. To reign with Christ is to become a god in our own right (small g). Christians accepted will govern with Christ and rule over the angels and judge them with Him. This is all in scripture. Jesus quotes the exact psalm in gospel of John 10.34.  He is saying that the authority of people and nature of people that make it to heaven will be godlike. 

Earthly dedication to spiritual things and God and in spiritual growth in this world is "training" for godhood in heaven. The bible constantly says there are 3 in 1, it manifests itself throughout scripture. How powerful is that to be like Jesus and reign with him in heaven. That is powerful thinking about it.
RE: How far reaching are God's powers?
Good luck on that whole becoming a minor god shit. Hopefully, you bring insight to the divine and that leads to them not fucking up...more.
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