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Damned Mormons
RE: Damned Mormons
If you have an hour to spend this is an interesting take on a certain aspect of mormon bullshit.  The so called Book of Abraham.... which turns out to be a common first-century Book of the Dead scroll that was plopped in someone's casket.  Of particular interest is late in the film when they speak to mormon believers and you find out they are every bit as fucking stupid as any other religitard!

RE: Damned Mormons
Well, fuck them!


Quote:Mormons have a higher approval of Donald Trump than any other religion

Maybe its mormons that we need to throw out of the country?

RE: Damned Mormons
Maybe they like his serial polygamy ?
In the 1960s, American parents began looking to mental health professionals for child-rearing advice.  Since then, an exponential per-capita increase in child mental health professionals has matched a dramatic deterioration in child mental health.  No new therapy or drug has stopped this downward trend.

John Rosemond


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