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Aw, WTH....Let's Mix History and Philosophy
Aw, WTH....Let's Mix History and Philosophy

Seneca and the Stoics.

Quote:In antiquity it was not the formalistic Roman religion, with its capricious gods and part-time priests, that offered answers to the perennial questions of existence – How shall I live? How shall I face death? etc. – but the schools of philosophy.

Adepts were practitioners of "the philosophical life", their maxims "medicine for the soul", their own lives exemplars of "right living". They offered moral guidance and a path of "personal growth", as well as speculations on creation, fate, and the gods.

The world was not on hold, waiting for a Christian godman to teach it ethics and morality. To ancient wisdom the fabricated "Jesus" added only an insufferable egocentricity.
RE: Aw, WTH....Let's Mix History and Philosophy

I like that website, but just for the sake of argument, how am I supposed to unquestioningly accept those assertions as fact; having already been burned by xtianity? In other words, where are their sources?

RE: Aw, WTH....Let's Mix History and Philosophy
Humphreys lists his sources below the text.

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