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Damned Protestants...
RE: Damned Protestants...
(17th February 2011, 15:34)Minimalist Wrote: This guy is so fucked up he could have been catholic.

Not a dime's worth of difference. Protestants are like a rival gang to the Catholics. They're not better. They're just the competition.
Atheist Forums Hall of Shame:
"The trinity can be equated to having your cake and eating it too."
... -Lucent, trying to defend the Trinity concept
"(Yahweh's) actions are good because (Yahweh) is the ultimate standard of goodness. That’s not begging the question"
... -Statler Waldorf, Christian apologist
RE: Damned Protestants...
(23rd October 2010, 21:30)Spectrum Wrote: More hypocrisy, I'm really not surprised. I am surprised however, during the course of my discussions with know-it-all theists, that they don't seem to question their own religion on the basis of such rampant hypocrisy. They simply wave it off and say "they aren't true christians".
(emphasis mine)

Rampant? Where in that article did it document that child sexual abuse was "rampant" in that or any other church? Or are you simply generalizing on the basis of "experience". I'm jumping in the middle of this, so forgive me if it's already been said, but it is important to avoid the twin fallacies of base rate neglect and representativeness, and thus avoid coming to an exaggerated opinion of the problem. Do preachers abuse at a higher rate than the general public? Should we expect them to be more moral than the average citizen? The way I see it, there are three issues of concern, regardless of the actual rate:

1) discouraging reporting and shielding abusers (primarily the Catholic church; I don't know that anyone has documented similar patterns in other Christian or non-Christian religions).

2) Should we hold the clergy to a higher ethical standard and/or hold religion accountable if they do not meet such standards?

3) I forget what #3 was, but it occurs to me that clergy hold a fiduciary relationship to their laity, so a higher standard than that expected of "the reasonable man" is in order.

4) And again questions of relative rates, and the relationship of these sorts of moral failings to that of other moral failings / hypocrisy, if any. (I'm hesitant to lump child sex abuse in with tax evasion, fraud and mere mortal failings of character).

I'm all for piling on if the situation warrants, but I don't know that one additional criminal constitutes a crime wave.
RE: Damned Protestants...
"57 year old Billy EckstineBilly Eckstine McCurdy, was arrested for allegedly using the scriptures to entice 2 teenage boys into sexual relationships with him at his home."

Verses? Oh.. apparently he told the boys that they should get on their knees and prepair for the cumming of the Lord.
RE: Damned Protestants...
And another one gets caught


Quote:NEW ORLEANS -- A local reverend who gained national attention by staging protests in the French Quarter against the three-day gay festival Southern Decadence was arrested Friday afternoon for obscenity.

Grant Storms, 53, of Metairie, was accused of allegedly masturbating in public.
RE: Damned Protestants...
(22nd October 2010, 07:45)solja247 Wrote: Why do you say damned protestants? Would it be more correct to say, 'Damned humans?' To my knowledge atheists can fall into the same trap as this evil man.

Well spoken and very true. Kudos to you.

Min does make a point of the hypocrisy of religious authorities, but this is more of a "human" thing than it is a "religious" thing. With that being said I still will continue with mocking the church for their behavior.

RE: Damned Protestants...
We know humans are crooked scumbags.

However, preachers hold themselves up as models of xtian goodness which makes catching them with their hands in the till or their dicks in the altar boys especially rewarding.

Let's take this scumbag as a further example.


Quote:Pastor Accused of Denying Communion to Churchgoers Who Didn't Give Tax Refunds

RE: Damned Protestants...
And thus why I continue my righteous mocking!
RE: Damned Protestants...
(18th March 2011, 22:59)reverendjeremiah Wrote: And thus why I continue my righteous mocking!

Amen, brother.
RE: Damned Protestants...
Dumbfuck protestant asswipe burns koran...gets people killed....claims it is not his fault.


Quote:Terry Jones defiant despite murders in Afghanistan over Qur'an burning

US pastor is showing no regrets about an act of hatred that provoked a massacre of UN staff amid deadly riots

Maybe he's right....maybe his god did make him a dumb fuck.

RE: Damned Protestants...
Min, I actually read all of those news stories you posted and was not one bit surprised at the behavior of these various ministers. I think that their position of leadership does provide them with easy access to children and because of their position parents don't think twice about leaving their children in their care or instruction. This is nothing new and has been going on for thousands of years even before Christianity came along.

Changing gears I was in total agreement with you on that pastor who burned the Koran. He should be personally indicted and held responsible for inciting riots and endangering the lives of all Americans in the middle east. Not to mention the deaths of those U.N. officials as a direct result of his actions. I actually posted a reply to this story on Yahoo stating the same sentiments I've stated here.

Now in the case of the finger popping pastor those women were adults, I think it should not have gone that far in the first place. Minister or not if a pastor told me to strip naked I would tell him to go fuck himself and report his silly ass to the police. But in retrospect, it was not their faults all of these ministers fell victim to the temptations of all those legions of dastardly demons that populate the air around us.
There is nothing people will not maintain when they are slaves to superstition



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