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Sinning, as Jesus and the church say, is good. Turn or burn Christians.
RE: Sinning, as Jesus and the church say, is good. Turn or burn Christians.
TBH, this seems to be diverging about the concept of sin.

Simply put, and I don't claim to see all the cards by a long shot, I think sin is the word we use for a set of intended actions that we know are morally wrong, but do anyways, even when we have no reason to. This isn't strictly about instinct or sex or competition or whatever, but about harmful conscious effort.
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RE: Sinning, as Jesus and the church say, is good. Turn or burn Christians.
That would definitely fall under the header of sin - though it could also include unintentional and unknown evil.

The observation is that human beings seem to be limitlessly creative in coming up with ways to do bad. Bad about big things, bad about little things. Bad when we know it's bad..and even when we don't. It might even be harder to be accidently bad than it is to be intentionally bad - but someone always finds a way. The routinely and pervasively compelling nature of our bad thoughts™ begs for some description - and sin is what people came up with.
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