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Norway Says "No Thanks."
RE: Norway Says "No Thanks."
If heaven aint alot like dixie...I don't wanna go.
Eat em up beat em up then switch sides.

RE: Norway Says "No Thanks."
Yeah, well, don't let the facts interfere with your ideological convictions.
RE: Norway Says "No Thanks."
The fact that what...regardless of whether california was the worst in the US in 2013.....it isn't anymore.....? What ideological convictions do you think I have...regarding california, their reps...and their easily accessible and current stats?
Eat em up beat em up then switch sides.

RE: Norway Says "No Thanks."
(17th January 2018, 15:19)Neo-Scholastic Wrote: I'll go with the actual Census Bureau statistics.

Which, oddly enough, is the very first source in the article I linked. You did actually look at that, right?
RE: Norway Says "No Thanks."
That's okay, guys. Trump was right. We're almost tired of all the winning. Your obstinate denials of reality don't have any force anymore. In all truth I could careless about your insular commiseration and whining. For example, lie all you want about Trump's racism. No one cares anymore because black employment is at historic lows. That's the real difference between conservatives in liberals. You talk about compassion but conservative policies get results. Compassion won't do Illinois any good when, my fine state, ruled by Democrats like FOREVER goes belly up from unfunded liabilities (i.e. payoffs to public sector unions) Talk about disenfranchisement? It took poll workers a full half hour to find a Republican primary ballot in my precinct.

Your side is losing and losing big. Trump has shown everyone what a completely ineffective and worthless President Obama was despite all his soaring inspirational rhetoric. 8 years of stagnation. The rise of ISIS (the so-called JV team. Well guess what just in Trump's first year and half wages are up, unemployment is down, ISIS has been crushed, illegal immigration has slowed, and off-shore money is flowing back into the country. You collusion scam has fallen apart. Your dreams of the 25th amendment dissipated. PC hystyeria about bananna peels and calling countries that are shitholes what they are, namely shitholes, is dying because people are wising up now that we have a fighter in the Oval office that isn't afraid to stoop to your level of bullying.The MSM has been revealed as a clown show. Every hysterical and vulgar post by Minimalist reminds me of just how desperate you've become. It used to annoy me but now I laugh at the way Trump's success is driving Minimalist and the rest of you liberal more and more delirious.
RE: Norway Says "No Thanks."
(18th January 2018, 11:34)Neo-Scholastic Wrote: [Gish-gallop political bullshit redacted]

I notice you didn't acknowledge my point that my numbers were in fact based on the Census data you claim to treasure. Is that because you didn't see it, or because you lack the integrity to acknowledge you didn't read what I linked?

Quit trying to change the subject because you got caught being intellectually sloppy, and go back and read my link. It's based upon the data you say you value. Your rant is not camouflaging your obvious and probably deliberate oversight.

Now go read, kiddo.

Also, I love the moral turpitude of a self-proclaimed "Christian" so vociferously supporting Trump. So much for Christian morality, eh? You'd rather support a racist sexual assailant than apply your vaunted and apparently vapid "morality" to your life, lest in inconvenience you.

You perfectly illustrate how religion and in particular Christianity do absolutely nothing to make a person any more moral than they would be without religion.
RE: Norway Says "No Thanks."
(17th January 2018, 21:26)Neo-Scholastic Wrote: Yeah, well, don't let the facts interfere with your ideological convictions.

Coming without any sense of irony from an clownish supporter of an baffooning administration that relies “alternative” facts because real facts are “fake news”.

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