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Oregon Journalist Andy Ngo Attacked By Antifa Members
RE: Oregon Journalist Andy Ngo Attacked By Antifa Members
(July 21, 2019 at 10:12 am)Sal Wrote:
(July 20, 2019 at 11:29 pm)Amarok Wrote: Nope but you believe  scumbags like Ngo can be bullied  or be victims what does that say about you ?

Maybe, some day, you will get a tiny hold on introspection long enough to realize what kind of garbage you're spewing.

Until then, some Mitchell and Webb:

 I'm far older then you so I had plenty of time for introspection likely longer then you have been alive . But funny enough sonny this comment of yours better refers to you, And this sketch doesn't show any fault with Antifa it shows a fault with writers not understanding the thing they are mocking. Comedy sketches are a bad place to get political philosophy I suggest picking up a book on the subject pertaining to valid use of political violence .

(July 21, 2019 at 10:15 am)Gae Bolga Wrote: That skit is a great argument for antifas position.  Right or wrong ( in some moral sense).

Broadly, we agree with the intent but reject the methods, laying aside that most people don’t actually have a firm grasp of what antifa does.

Even in this, we reject the methods only insomuch as we tell ourselves it isn’t that bad, yet.

Hiding under that rejection is implicit consent - if it were-.  Many people imagine that in that event, they would resist, and resist violently.  Even though that’s not true.  Every single person is far....far more likely to be the jackbooted arm of an oppressive state than a heroic freedom fighter, if there even is such a thing.

What makes that skit so funny to me is that it’s not so far off base.  It’s conceivable that the people in question never thought to ask themselves whether they were the baddies until they were well into a pattern of atrocity, if ever.  Are we going to have to reach the point of elimination and war before we ask ourselves the same?

Antifa contends that the likely answer, the historically demonstrated answer, and the answer in current circumstance, is yes.  By then, ofc, it’s already too late for the people we’ve failed.

-and I know, I know, violence isn’t the answer, peaceful protest and resistance and all that ( and even within antifa there’s a preference for the same as a product of western culture).  I think it’s important to remember that we say that coming from an ideological rather than factual basis.  We want it to be true, we endeavor to make it true.... but it isn’t true in any other sense.

That’s why our rejections take the form of implicit and explicit caveats rather than categorical denunciation, even when we’re attempting the latter.
I disagree that is never the answer . It's not the preferred answer but sometimes it is the answer even if it's isn't pitiable or good PR.
Seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy -- myself.

Inuit Proverb


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