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Damned Hindus
RE: Damned Hindus
Getting more and more like the fucking xtians.


Quote:Deadly clashes break out in India after controversial guru found guilty of rape

Quote:Deadly clashes broke out Friday in northern India after a flamboyant spiritual leader was found guilty of raping two of his followers.

Police said that at least 17 people were killed as followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh clashed with officers in the city of Panchkula.

RE: Damned Hindus
this is disturbing on several levels

the belief that seven nails were used to crucify Jesus Christ; three on Maundy Thursday, and four on Good Friday

RE: Damned Hindus
(25th August 2017, 20:38)vorlon13 Wrote: this is disturbing on several levels

Yes. Yes it is.
RE: Damned Hindus
Who the fuck flies 8,000 miles to beat up a woman?

Oh yeah... Hindu asswipes.


Quote:Indian couple fly to Florida to beat daughter-in-law

Quote:An Indian couple flew 8,000 miles (13,000km) to help "discipline" their daughter-in-law, police in Florida say.
Jasbir Kalsi, 67, and his wife Bhupinder, 62, are said to have travelled from the Punjab region to Hillsborough County to help "counsel and discipline" son Devbir's wife.
Silky Gaind was discovered battered and bruised by a police officer on Saturday after getting a message to her parents.
Her in-laws and husband are now facing multiple charges, including battery.
Her father-in-law, who had been visiting with his wife for about a month, also allegedly held a knife to her throat.

RE: Damned Hindus
I wonder what she did to set him off?

Grill a steak ???
the belief that seven nails were used to crucify Jesus Christ; three on Maundy Thursday, and four on Good Friday

RE: Damned Hindus
Three Hindu priests climb to top of Bali's rumbling volcano (and probably commit suicide) to prove scientists 'wrong' after more than 140,000 people were evacuated

Mangku Mokoh, one of the Hindu priests, said he made the four-hour climb because he did not accept the predictions of the vulcanologists, adding: “I’m not sure that Mount Agung will erupt”.

Another of the priests said a God had spoken to him and told him to make an offering at the summit.

[Image: y76X8Qwj.jpg]
RE: Damned Hindus
People just fly off the handle in Tampa Vor.  The heat makes us mean.  The whole state is famously loopy.
Eat em up beat em up then switch sides.


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